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Howard Budzynski

My name is Howard Budzynski, a British commercial photographer currently based Manchester. With a degree in commercial photography I specialize in still life and creative ecommerce advertising. I am very approachable, fun and friendly, also a hard working person, priding myself on my perseverance, professional and hard working values which always help me to get the job done to the best of my ability. In my work I strive on alternative and creative thinking, though studying a brand and creating ‘out of the box’ ideas on my own and as well as working in a team. Then in time putting those ideas into production, I have learnt these skills through a wealth of experience in different areas of the industry, doing so I thrive to leaving new things and gaining an understanding in business and branding as well as the production process involved. 

I adore working as a freelance photographer as it gives me the freedom to work with brands globally across several different markets and in more than one area of the production line. I pride myself on my photography in and out of studio, production skills and specialist photographic retouching. 

Feel free to contact me for any enquiries about my work or to discuss any future prospects, ideas or propositions of your own.


phone: 07557909829

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